Positive Photoresists for UV lithography (mask aligner, laser, greyscale exposure) and e-beam lithography

  • Variety of viscosities for 0.1 µm - 60 µm film thickness in one spin-coating step
  • Effective for broadband, g-line, h-line or i-line exposure, laser direct writing at 350…450 nm and e-beam lithography
  • No post exposure bake
  • Easy removal
  • For pattern transfer: Etch mask, mould for electroplating, mould for UV moulding
  • Use in microsystems technology, microelectronics, micro-optics – manufacture of e.g. MEMS, LEDs, ICs, MOEMS, fiber optics telecommunications devices, flat panel displays
Beispiel Technologie Anwendung PDF Details
UV Lithography Microelectronics and microsystems technology
Greyscale Lithography 3D patterns in micro-optics, MEMS and MOEMS, displays
E-Beam Lithography Pattern transfer in microelectronics
Ancillaries Thinner, Primer, Developer, Remover