micro resist technology GmbH has provided tailor-made resist formulations for nanoimprint lithography (NIL) since 1999. The unique key features of our products are outstanding film forming and imprinting performance beside excellent pattern fidelity and plasma etch stability. Our nanoimprint resists are mostly applied as etch mask for pattern transfer into various substrates, like Si, SiO2, Al or sapphire.

Basically, two different variants of NIL have been developed so far: thermal NIL (T-NIL), in which a thermoplastic polymer is used, and photo-NIL, in which a liquid photo-curable formulation is applied.

Sample Technology Application PDF Details
Thermal Nanoimprint Lithography Etch mask, permanent applications
Combined thermal- and Photo-Nanoimprint Lithography Etch mask
Photo-Nanoimprint Lithography Etch mask, permanent applications
Working Stamp Fabrication Suitable for all imprint technologies
Ancillaries Thinner, adhesion promoter and underlayer materials