Photoresists for UV (mask aligner, laser)/ DUV and e-beam lithography

  • Effective for broadband and i-line, Deep UV, e-beam exposure, or laser direct writing @ 405 nm
  • Lift-off resists with tunable pattern profile, high temperature stability up to 160 °C
  • Variety of viscosities for different film thicknesses in one spin-coating step
  • For pattern transfer: Physical vapour deposition (PVD) and single  layer lift-off, etch mask, mould for electroplating
  • For permanent applications: Polymeric waveguides
  • Use in microsystems technology, microelectronics, micro-optics  – manufacture of e.g. LEDs, ICs, MEMS, flat panel displays, fiber optics telecommunications devices
Beispiel Technologie Anwendung PDF Details
UV lithography (broadband and i line exposure) Lift-off patterning MM & SM waveguide manufacture
E-Beam/ Deep UV Lithography Etch mask
Laser direct writing @ 405 nm Template manufacture, etch mask, electroplating mould
Ink-jet printing Drop-on Demand Ink-jet printing
Ancillaries Thinner, Primer, Developer, Remover