T-NIL resist (Tg = 63 °C) with a 10% content of covalently bonded Silicon acting as an etch mask in a bilayer approach for the realization of very high aspect ratio patterns after subsequent dry etch processes

Unique Features

Material deposition on top of underlayer UL1 using spin-coating technique

  • High oxygen plasma resistance due to a Si content of 10 %
  • Good stamp release characteristics give rise to a low defectivity rate


  • Fabrication of micro/nano-scale patterns with high aspect ratios >> 3
  • Patterned sapphire substrates (PSS) for fabrication of high brightness LEDs
  • Micro/nanopillars for nanofluidic devices, e.g. DNA electrophoresis
  • Fabrication of photonic crystals

Our available products with standard film thickness

SIPOL version* SIPOL film thickness *
SIPOL-100nm 100nm
SIPOL-200nm 200nm

* Customized film thickness available on request  

Recommended processing parameters

Process step Process parameter
Spin-coating 3000 rpm for 30 s
Softbake conditions 100 °C for 2 min
Imprint temperature 100-130 °C
Imprint pressure 10-30 bar
Imprint time 1-5 min

Stamp release temperature

20-50 °C
Resist thinner ma-T 1050
Resist stripping ma-T 1050, aceton, org. solvents

This NIL resist series is available in the following quantities:

  • 0.25 l
  • 0.5 l
  • 1.0 l
  • 2.5 l
  • 100 ml as sample on request (extra charge for small quantities)
  • Larger packing sizes available on request

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