T-NIL resist featuring low glass transition temperature (Tg = 55 °C) for low temperature imprints

Unique Features

  • Facilitated stamp separation due to integrated fluorinated additive
  • 100% organic thermoplast → dry etching and stripping possible with pure oxygen plasma
  • Polymer soluble in aceton and other common solvents → easy cleaning


Fabrication of nanopatterns by pattern transfer for e.g

  • High brightness LEDs
  • Photonic crystals
  • Patterned media
  • Nano-optical devices, subwavelength optical elements
  • Microfluidics, bio applications
  • Single layer lift-off
Parameter mr-I 7000R mr-I 8000R
Glass transition temperature Tg 55 °C 115 °C
Imprint temperature 120 °C - 140 °C 150 °C - 180 °C
Imprint pressure 20 - 40 bar 20 - 40 bar
Ready-to-use solutions for standard film thicknesses * (3000 rpm)

mr-I 7010R 100nm

mr-I 7020R 200nm

mr-I 7030R 300nm

mr-I 8010R 100nm

mr-I 8020R 200nm

mr-I 8030R 300nm

Resist thinner ma-T 1050 ma-T 1050
Resist stripping ma-T 1050, aceton, org. solvents or oxygen plasma ma-T 1050, aceton, org. solvents or oxygen plasma

* Customized film thickness available on request

This NIL resist series is available in the following quantities:

  • 0.25 l
  • 0.5 l
  • 1.0 l
  • 2.5 l
  • 100 ml as sample on request (extra charge for small quantities)
  • Larger packing sizes available on request

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