ma-P 1200 is a positive tone photoresist series designed for the use in microelectronics and microsystems technology. The resists are available in a variety of viscosities for film thicknesses of 0.3 – 40 μm in one spin-coating step.

ma-P 1275 and ma-P 1275HV are high viscosity positive tone photoresists with film thicknesses of up to 60 μm designed for electroplating structures in microsystems technology and well suited for the use as etch mask. The resists can be used in 3D patterning by reflow of resist patterns and pattern transfer e.g. by UV moulding or etching.

mr-P 1200LIL is a positive tone photoresist series for high resolution applications. It is excellently suited for laser interference lithography (LIL). The resists cover a film thickness range of 0.1 – 0.5 μm.

Beispiel Produkt Application PDF Details
ma-P 1200

UV lithography; etching, electroplating, ion implantation

ma-P 1275, ma-P 1275HV

Thick resists for UV lithography; electroplating, etching, ion implantation, reflow and UV moulding

mr-P 1200LIL

Thin photoresists for high resolution applications, such as laser interference lithography (LIL)