Negative Photoresists for UV lithography

  • Effective for broadband and i-line exposure
  • Variety of viscosities for different film thicknesses in one spin-coating step

ma-N 400 and ma-N 1400

are single layer lift-off resist series with tunable pattern profile and high temperature stability for pattern transfer processes by means of physical vapour deposition (PVD) and lift-off, as well as etch mask.

EpoCore and EpoClad

series are materials with different refractive index for the manufacture of polymeric multimode (MM) and single mode (SM) waveguides as permanent application.

Beispiel Produkt Application Thickness range PDF Details
EpoCore & EpoClad Serien

MM & SM waveguide manufacture

2 µm – 120 µm

ma-N 400 & ma-N 1400 series

Lift-off patterning

0.5 µm – 10 µm/
0.5 µm – 6 µm