ma-P 1200G

ma-P 1200G is a positive tone photoresist series specifically designed for the requirements of greyscale lithography. Standard binary lithography is also possible.

Unique Features

  • Reduced contrast
  • Film thickness up to 60 µm and higher
  • 50-60 µm depth range of the patterns possible in greyscale lithography
  • Spectral sensitivity 350…450 nm
  • High intensity laser exposure possible without outgassing
  • Aqueous alkaline development, for greyscale lithography with TMAH based developers, for standard binary lithography also with metal ion bearing developers
  • Suitable for electroplating
  • Suitable for dry etch processes e.g. with CHF3, CF4, SF6
  • Suitable for pattern reflow after standard binary lithography  


Use of manufactured 3D patterns in micro-optics, MEMS and MOEMS, displays

Pattern transfer by

  • UV moulding
  • Etching
  • Electroplating

Film thickness @ 3000 rpm

ma-P 1215G

1.5 µm

ma-P 1225G

2.5 µm

ma-P 1275G

9.5 µm

Our positive photoresists are available in the following filling sizes:

  • 0.25 l
  • 0.5 l
  • 1.0 l
  • 2.5 l
  • 100 ml as sample on request (extra charge for small quantities)

Developer and Remover: • 1.0 l • 2.5 l • 5.0 l (Ancillaries)

HMDS Primer: • 100 ml • 0.25 l • 0.5 l • 1.0 l (Ancillaries)

Thinner: • 0.5 l • 1.0 l (Ancillaries)

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