OrmoStamp® offers glass-like properties after UV curing and was designed for the fabrication of transparent polymer working stamps with excellent pattern fidelity

Unique Features

  • Highly transparent for near UV and visible light
  • High thermal and mechanical stability
  • Enhanced anti-adhesive properties for low release forces
  • Processing with standard lithography equipment


  • Transparent working stamp fabrication
  • Cost efficient alternative to quartz stamps
  • UV-based and thermal imprinting, nanoimprint lithography



0.4 +/– 0.2 Pa•s

Resolution, pattern replication

Excellent pattern replication

Thermal stability

Up to 270 °C (short term)

Refractive index (589 nm, cured) 1.516
Replication with PDMS molds
(no oxygen sensitivity)


6 months


Yes, ready-to-use solution

Our hybrid polymers are available in the following filling sizes:

  •     100 g
  •     250 g
  •     500 g
  •     1000 g

OrmoThin; OrmoPrime®08: • 100 ml • 0.25 l • 0.5 l • 1.0 l (Ancillaries)

OrmoDev: • 1.0 l • 2.5 l • 5.0 l (Ancillaries) 

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