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Resist Features Documents
MX5000 Series
MX5000, MX5000c
  • Multipurpose, e.g. - Via (TSV) formation (DRIE), plating and protection, RDL etching
  • Filmthickness - 15-50 µm
  • Removable
  • Developer - Spray development, 0.75% K2CO3 (mr-D 4000/ 75)
Processing guidelines
MX5000, MX5000c
WBR2000 Series
  • Creation of Solder bumps by electroplating or stencil printing of solder-paste and reflow
  • Copper -pillar Plating
  • Filmthickness - 50, 75,100, 120 µm
  • Removable
  • Developer - Spray-development, 1% K2CO3 (mr-D 4000/ 100)
Processing guidelines
WPR1000 Series
  • Multipurpose Resist (green-yellow colour) for permanent applications
  • Filmthickness - 50, 75, 100 µm
  • Permanent
  • Developer - Spray development, 0.85% Na2CO3 anhydrous or 1% Na2CO3 monohydrate
Processing guidelines,
Properties of the
cured material


We also offer ready-to-use diluted developers for these resists

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