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g-line & i-line Photoresists

  • MICROPOSIT S1800 G2 series™
  • MICROPOSIT S1800 G2 SP series
  • MICROPOSITSPR 3000 series

i-line Photoresists

  • MEGAPOSIT SPR220 series
  • MEGAPOSIT SPR350 series
  • MEGAPOSIT SPR660 series
  • MEGAPOSIT SPR700 series
  • MEGAPOSIT SPR955 CM series
  • ULTRA-i-123 series

Positive Deep UV Photoresists

  • UV5 series
  • UV6 series
  • UV26 series
  • UV60 series
  • UV210 GS series
  • UV1100 series

Negative Deep UV Photoresists

  • UVN2300 series

Lift off Layer


Protective Surface Coating


Anti Reflactant Coating

  • AR10L


  • MIF & MIB Developer
  • Remover
  • Thinner

Chrome Etching Solution

  • Chrome Etch 18


» Package sizes are product-dependent: US-Quart, US-Gallon, 5 liter

» More products available on request

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