We would like to congratulate researches from the University of Basel and their partners for a recent article published in NATURE COMMUNICATIONS. The groups reported on integrated microfluidics for long-term quantitative tracking of growth and gene expression in single cells:


We proudly acknowledge the reference to our company in the article indicating our unique photolithography expertise enabling the manufacture of high-resolution and multilevel resist masters made by SU-8 on Si wafers. The MRT manufactured master was used to cast PDMS and replication a complex microfluidic device consisting of a main channel and small dead-end growth channels.

Our basic lithographic micro and nanopatterning services are also mentioned in the same context at METAFLUIDICS, an open repository for fluidic systems:


If you are interested in photoresist masters for microfluidics manufacture or in our product-supporting lithographic services in general, please get in touch with us or explore our advanced online information: https://www.microresist.de/en/content/product-supporting-lithographic-services.