In September 2019 the 45th International Conference on Micro & Nano Engineering will be held in Rhodes Greece (September 23 – 26, 2019).

The Micro Nano Engineering (MNE) is the core conference for micro / nanofabrication, the technologies, the products, and their application with the scope to:

  • Advanced Patterning
  • Nanofabrication / Manufacturing for functional Structures / Surfaces
  • Micro-Nano Devices and Systems (MEMS / NEMS) for physical application, electronics, photonics and energy
  • Micro & Nano Devices and Systems for Life Science, Chemistry, and Agrofood Sectors

Traditionally the MNE hosts a large technical exhibition.

Micro Resist Technology will participate in the MNE 2019 with a booth to show the recent developments in our products and technologies.

Looking forward to seeing you at the show.