Due to the increasing interest of 3D greyscale lithography for various industrial applications such as micro-optics, MEMS and micro-fluidics, our partner Heidelberg Instruments organized a two day seminar and workshop at the Tohoku University in Japan. More than 60 participants from industry and academia took the opportunity to gain knowledge and know-how about the process of 3D patterning in photoresist layer by using laser direct lithography.

We presented our tailored positive tone photoresist for greyscale application ma-P 1200G and discussed in particular the challenges of lithographic patterning of thick resist up to 60 µm and more. Furthermore, we attend the hand-on workshop on the second day, which gave us the great opportunity to discuss with our customers directly the correct processing for greyscale application. We proudly supported the practical workshop with our ma-P 1200G greyscale resist which was used to demonstrate the possibilities of Heidelberg direct laser lithography technology to pattern 3D topographies using the examples of micro-lens arrays and Fresnel lenses.

EU Union

The fantastic organization of this unique event by Prof. Totsu and Heidelberg Instruments is gratefully appreciated!