We offer lithographic services and application engineering to support our customers finding tailored process solutions.

Based on our extensive hands-on process experience and our technical processing capabilities, we offer basic lithographic micro and nanopatterning services that involves our entire product portfolio. Furthermore, we provide collaboration opportunities for our customers and partners to conduct feasibility studies and prototyping of demonstrators.

Lithographic processes

  • Coating of thin to ultra-thick layers on different substrates
  • Patterning by UV-photolithography
  • Pattern replication by thermal and UV-NIL
  • Inkjet printing

Plasma processes

  • Material stripping
  • Surface cleaning and activation

Application Engineering


1.) Fabrication of resist masters for microfluidics device manufacture (SU-8 on Si wafer)

micro resist technology developed a unique photolithography process in order to fabricate complex SU-8 photoresist masters on Si wafers that are used for microfluidic device manufacture by replication into PDMS. The high-resolution and multilevel pattern may consist from micrometer scale main channels down to sub-µm growth channels. Please take notice of the METAFLUIDICS website: https://metafluidics.org/devices/dual-input-mother-machine/.

Products involved: SU-8

2.) Fabrication of a multilayer microstructure array

Based on a customer design, a multilayer microstructured array, with insulated gold conductor tracks and electrochemically enhanced contact pads has been fabricated at micro resist technology.

Products involved: ma-N 415, ma-N 490, ma-P 1275, SU-8

3.) NIL based replication of diffractive optical elements (DOEs) for counterfeiting application

Based A UV-NIL & LiGA based multi-step replication process has been developed in cooperation with Mimotec SA in order to transfer DOEs from a 4”-Silicon master wafer into single final Nickel elements.

Products involved: OrmoStamp®, OrmoComp®, UV-PDMS and mr-NIL 6000E

4.) UV-replication of Fresnel zone plates

A UV-replication process has been applied at micro resist technology to replicated Fresnel zone plates from the Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute into a first replication generation working stamp (one zone plate as an example on the left image) and a second generation of finale zone plate array which functionality is shown on the right image.

Products involved: OrmoStamp®, OrmoComp®

More detailed information can be found in our brochure on lithographic services and application engineering. Alternatively, please contact us directly.