micro resist technology offers functional materials for Inkjet-printing. The materials have been specially designed to exhibit a good compatibility to a broad range of inkjet printing tools.

The portfolio involves two classes of products providing ideal solutions for the manufacture of micro and nano optical components or functional films. InkOrmo and InkEpo exhibit excellent optical properties as well as high chemical, mechanical and thermal stability. mr-UVCur26SF is solvent-free material which has been specifically designed for nanoimprint lithography (NIL).


Example for Injetprinting


A) Microlenses by inkjet printing:

  • Typical lens size ranges from 50 µm to 1000 µm, but not exclusive
  • Lens aspect ratio (height/diameter) controlled by substrate pre-treatment
  • Lens profile with high level of freedom possible based on pre-patterned substrate
  • Lens size (diameter & height) controlled by printed volume / lens

B) Nanoimprint-lithography:

  • Step&Repeat process and continuous roll-to-roll (R2R ) UV-NIL processes
  • Large-area nanostructuring of flexible substrates
  • Ultra-high photocuring rate enabling high roller speeds and high throughput
  • R2R web speeds up to 30 m/min demonstrated

Special Features

  • Compatible with commercial inkjet printing devices
  • UV-curable materials
  • Solvent-containing and solvent-free inkjettable materials


  • Optical components (transparency)
  • Packaging (chemical inertness and optical and mechanical stability)
  • High volume manufacturing of antireflective coatings, (super)hydrophobic patterns on flexible substrates and wire-grid polarizers
  • Etch mask for plasma etching (excellent dry etch stability for pattern transfer)

micro resist technology GmbH provides customized solutions on request, e.g. for specific viscosities. Please contact us direct


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