Dry etching and DRIE (etch mask for semiconductors and metals)

Deep-UV lithography

ma-N 2400 & mr-EBL 6000 series

Electroplating templates

Electron-beam lithography

ma-N 2400 & mr-EBL 6000 series

Greyscale lithography


Laser direct writing lithography

Lift-off patterning

ma-N 400 & ma-N 1400 series

Nanoimprint lithography (thermal) for pattern transfer

Nanoimprint lithography (thermal) for permanent application

Nanoimprint lithography (UV- or photo-NIL) for pattern transfer

Nanoimprint Lithographie (UV- oder Photo-NIL) für Permanentanwendung

Nanoimprint lithography - combined thermal and UV-NIL

mr-NIL 6000E series

Physical vapour deposition (PVD)

mr-I 9000M series
mr-NIL 6000E series
mr-UVCur21 series
ma-N 400 & ma-N 1400 series

Roll-to-roll processes

Thermal reflow

Two-photon absorption lithography

UV lithography

UV molding

OrmoClear® Series
OrmoCore and OrmoClad
UV-curable liquid silicone rubber / UV-PDMS