In September 2019 the 45th International Conference on Micro & Nano Engineering will be held in Rhodes Greece (September 23 – 26, 2019).

The Micro Nano Engineering (MNE) is the core conference for micro / nanofabrication, the technologies, the products, and their application with the scope to:

  • Advanced Patterning
  • Nanofabrication / Manufacturing for functional Structures / Surfaces
  • Micro-Nano Devices and Systems (MEMS / NEMS) for physical application, electronics, photonics and energy
  • Micro & Nano Devices and Systems for Life Science, Chemistry, and Agrofood Sectors

Traditionally the MNE hosts a large technical exhibition.

Micro Resist Technology will participate in the MNE 2019 with a booth (Booth 1) to show the recent developments in our products and technologies.

Furthermore, our experts will take part with a presentation in the session A4: 3D Lithographies “Novel and versatile prototyping routes for polymeric hybrid and biconvex micro-optics” on Wednesday, September 25th 2019 at 11:15 AM by Johannes Wolf.

In addition, we will contribute to the Symposium on Laser Lithography and Direct Writing which will be held by Heidelberg Instruments as an satellite event on Monday, September 23rd 2019 with a presentation “Positive Tone Photoresists for Grayscale Laser Lithography” by Dr. Anja Voigt.


Looking forward to seeing you at the show.