What a fantastic conference week during the MNE 2017 – the 43rd International Conference on Micro- and Nanofabrication and Manufacturing using Lithography and Related Techniques in Braga  (http://mne2017.org).

We gladly look back to an excellent conference on recent developments in micro and nanopatterning techniques presented by technology leaders from around the world. This was another occasion where the need for tailored next generation lithography materials was highlighted as a crucial aspect for advancing micro- and nano-engineering. This is where we provide our core expertise to the community!


MNE 2017


At our booth we informed researches and engineers in general about suitable lithography materials, but in particular about our innovative photoresists, special polymers and ancillary materials for micro- and nanolithography applications: we promoted our final stage prototype for laser-interference lithography, our novel materials for 3D patterning techniques and our research activities regarding microfluidic and opto-electronic applications. We thank all our visitors and partners for the lively and enthusiastic discussions and making this event such a success for us!

During the technical program, micro resist technology contributed with the following presentations:

Oral presentation

“Photoresists and photopolymers for next generation micro- and nanolithography - Innovations for lab to fab applications” by Dr. Arne Schleunitz, Industrial Session

Poster presentation

“Functional material for one step UV-NIL manufacturing of disposable microfluidic devices” by Dr. Mirko Lohse, Poster Session



We are looking forward seeing you next year in MNE 2018 again, the latest!

Your MRT Team